Cody’s first assignment

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Last month Cody was the winner of our very first giveaway here on Travel Nursing Exchange. If you remember, each person was eligible for three entries: one for creating an account, another for adding a resume, and the last for liking us on Facebook. Cody had all three and was the first person picked in a random drawing, walking away with a brand new iPad mini. Congratulations Cody!

We reached out to Cody for a picture with his new iPad and custom case with our logo and he was happy to oblige. He was also kind enough to be the first in what we hope to be a long list of travel nursing stories. We share our own travel nursing story on our other website, Travel Nurse Help. Hearing how others in similar situations are able to make the jump to travel nursing can be very inspirational. So we're starting a collection and sharing them for everyone to read. Cody has agreed to keep us updated throughout his journey and we are excited to hear how his first assignment goes at the end of this summer. For now, here is an introduction to how and why he made the decision to travel. 

Intensive Care Unit – Surgical and Trauma ICU.
Years as a nurse:
Are you traveling solo? With a significant other? Children?
I am traveling with my fiancé. We have been together almost 5 years.
What made you decide to pursue a career as a traveling nurse?
I wanted to see what it was like on the west coast and explore more. I have never been to California before and wanted to see something new.
Which company do you currently travel with?  Why did you decide to go with them?
I am with NurseChoice. I went with them because of the higher pay and locations they offered.
What do you think you will miss the most?
I think I will miss my “home” and what is comfortable. I will also miss my friends, coworkers, and family members.
What are you most excited about?
Getting to learn in a new place and being able to adapt. I also can’t wait to explore all of the places in California I thought I would never make it to. I think it is going to be a fun summer and one I will never forget.
How did your family react to the news of your plans to travel? How did you handle this?
My family was very supportive and excited. They encouraged me to go and plan on coming to visit.
If traveling with a significant other, what will he/she do to fill time while you work?
She hopes to find a small job to pass the time while I am at work. She will also take care of our animals and make sure they are having a good time as well. She will also be planning out her new career.
What’s your main goal for traveling? Adventure?  Gaining knowledge? Looking for a place to settle?
My main goal is adventure. I wanted to do something spontaneous and live in a new place. I want to explore and have a change of scenery. This is something most people will never have the chance to do and I wanted to make sure I jumped on it while I have the time.


We would love to hear your travel nursing story! If you are up to the challenge, you can easily submit your story online.Whether you are just getting started as a traveler or have traveled for several years, your story could inspire others and help them decide if travel nursing is right for them. Thanks!