Canceling your travel nursing contract

While travel nursing can often feel like being on a permanent vacation, one of the few drawbacks is the absence of personal and vacation hours. What happens when you’re in California and a family emergency comes up in New York? Are you allowed to cancel your contract for a family emergency? What if you just really hate the assignment and can’t imagine staying the full length? Is it OK to walk away? We recently spoke with Pamela Mackey at Tailored Healthcare Staffing about questions just like these. Pamela was kind enough to give us some examples of when it might be OK to cancel your contract, when it wouldn’t be OK, and what kind of repercussions you might expect from canceling.   1.  What are some examples where it would be acceptable for a traveler to cancel a contract? – Where there is an unexpected family emergency.  Must be extremely urgent. –...


Alaska, “The Last Frontier”, is arguably the most unique state in the U.S. It has everything from the tallest mountain in North America, Mt. Mckinley, to a coastline that is longer than all other states combined. You might even find a few surprises in Alaska, like its highest recorded temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit.


When you think of Alabama, your mind probably goes straight to cotton fields, sweltering summer heat and southern hospitality. Most people don’t realize it also has mountains, canyons, and even pristine beaches along the Gulf of Mexico. The large north-south distance covered by the state gives it a lot of diversity in both geography and weather.    

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