Travel Nursing Stories

Kelly’s Story: It’s Never Too Late to Live Your Dream

Kelly’s path to travel nursing is everything but a straight line, proving that persistence and hard work go a long way. At the age of 53, her medical background and truck driving experience finally came together in a career in ER travel nursing.

Jonathan’s Story: A 12-year Journey to Travel Nursing

Jonathan takes us on a 12-year journey from working as an orderly, transporter, ICU nurse and now as a traveling nurse. He currently travels with his wife Nicole. This is his story of overcoming self-doubt of becoming a nurse and the hurdles of starting a career in travel nursing.

Tiffany’s Story: Loving the Gypsy Lifestyle

Tiffany is on her second round of travel nursing, leaving Indiana for the beaches of Florida! She travels with her boyfriend Eric and Jasmine, their Shih Tzu. Tiffany has great advice for anyone looking to start his or her first travel assignment.

Beverly’s Story: Living Life to the Fullest

Beverly shares an amazing story that will surely bring tears to your eyes, a smile to your face, and a renewed determination to your life to live every day to the fullest. This is a truly inspiring story that goes beyond travel nursing and reminds us all that there is life after hardship. Thank you so much for sharing Beverly!  

Lehi’s Story: Traveling for Adventure, Knowledge, and a Home

Lehi chose to be a travel nurse for all the right reasons: adventure, knowledge and finding a place to settle down and call home. She shares her story about making her dreams come true and offers some great advice for travelers.

Kayla’s Story: Single and Exploring

Kayla is a young nurse who chose to become a traveler so she could explore and experience as much as she could before she settles. Kayla travels alone but enjoys her home visits to spend time with her family and boyfriend. If you are a young, independent nurse wondering if you can handle traveling alone, you’ll want to hear Kayla’s story.

Kathy’s Story: Traveling with a baby in an RV

Kathy is the spouse of a travel nurse, touring┬áthe country in a 34 foot RV with her husband and their baby son. If you are thinking about traveling in an RV or traveling with a baby, you’ll want to read this one. Kathy gives us a good idea of what you might expect in an RV payment and monthly fees for a space at a park. She also tells her and Tim’s experience traveling with a baby and how it has been both rewarding and difficult.

Dorothy’s story: Traveling in an RV

Dorothy is a veteran nurse in several specialties with 33 years of experience, seven of those as a traveler.┬áHer and her husband travel in an RV and have been everywhere from Florida to Oregon. If you’re interested in traveling in an RV or looking for general advice from an experienced traveler, you won’t want to miss this one. Here is Dorothy’s story…

Cody’s first assignment

April’s iPad Mini Giveaway winner, Cody, shares his travel nursing story. This is Cody’s first assignment as a travel nurse and he will be updating us along his journey with his fiance and their pets. Here is an introduction to that journey.